Legacy of Fire

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Adventure #1 notes

Hired by: Garavel – Majorodomo of a Merchant Princess “Ulma”

Has a pactmaster’s Favor implant
Prevents mental influence
Makes unemotional
Immune to moral effects of all sorts
Traveled to: The Sultan’s Claw

The Party
Avicenna Al’Kahdul – Ryan – Sylph Wizard (Illusionist)
Thin, white hair white eyed pale man
Winds whip around him at all times
Survival, Knowledge(arcana, geography, nature), spellcraft
Shawn – Mark – Foreigner Human Cleric
Shaved head, carries a staff. Worshiper of Eristul god of farmers
Perception & Sense Motive as key abilities
Fallon Mo’Ar – Thomas – Tiefling Rogue
flowing robes, subtle demonic heritage
Dark grey skin, black hair, red eyes
Keeps to himself, guarded, reticent
Former City Watchman
Disable Device, Perception, Stealth are key skills
Kasan – Bill – Human Fighter
Large, scarred muscular
Reticent outside of a fight, but enthusiastic fighter
Survival and Intimidation
Ingn Navn (“No Name”) – Danielle – Undine Monk
“Not yet worthy of a name”
Ex Slave
Pale Blue skin, Greenish mud-colored hair
Holy symbol of Irori
Goal – to learn of the world and pursue self perfection
Stealth, know(religion), acrobatics
When approaching the Sultan’s Claw, the entire tree spontaneously combusted. Four activities -

Moving a wagon away from a flaming wagon
Accomplished by Kasan, with assistance from Shawn
Joining a bucket line to put the existing fire out
Accomplished by Shawn, Ingn, and Fallon
Helping the injured
Stabilized by Avicenna
Cure spells applied by Shawn
Corralling animals
Accomplished by Avicenna
Rombard the Goat seems to have gone missing
Ulma is concerned about the fire, suspecting arson.

Ulma provided the wagon to Elloais, the burned corpse in the wagon. He was a Haroter (Tarot card reader).

Garavel – suspects Dashti. Historic distrust.

Dashti – “Gnoll Expert”. Seen hanging around Ulma’s tent in the past. Claims to have been by the tent when the fire started.

Father Zastoran – Cleric of Nethys (god of Magic). Also an alchemist.

The wagon – No signs of struggle or violence. Cracked crystal ball. Puddles of wax, formerly candles. While examining wagon, searchers noticed Dashti, who was keeping a careful eye on their search. Sullen and suspicious more than he is fearful or nervous as observing the search of the wagon.

Hired to aid Ulma in re-establishing the trading post of Kalmirane

First mission – clear out a monastery of Sarinrae which is 1.5 miles from Kalmirane to be used as a staging point for the restoration of the city.

Resolution – Monastery cleared of anti-luck vermin.

55gp in various denominations found in the burned out wagon.
40gp in various denominations and gems off gnoll bodies

Dispersed as 19gp each.


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